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Post by Shinryu Jin on Fri Oct 10, 2008 8:37 pm

This particular system will aim to promote fair Role play. It is very essential to the role play that no one God-mods on the site. It will only ruin the Role play experience. If you notice in your profile you will have a character sheet. Please generate it, as it will prove to be essential to your chakra points system. The chakra points system are as follows. Your chakra points will also be based on your rank. Please remember if your chakra points goes down to zero your in big trouble. You won't even be able to defend yourself since you would have collapsed.

Chakra points per character

Academy Student: 30

Genin: 50

Chuunin/ Chuunin Medical Ninja: 100

Jounin/Jounin Medical Ninjas: 170

ANBU/Missing Ninja: 170 (your chakra amount as a missing nin. Will depend on your rank prior to being a missing nin).

Organization member: 210

Kage: 220

Jutsu level points usage

E-Rank- 1-2 Chakra Points.

D-Rank- 3-4 Chakra Points

C-Rank- 4-5 Chakra Points

B-Rank- 5-6 Chakra Points

A-Rank- 7-8 Chakra Points

S-Rank- 9-10 Chakra points.

Bunshin clones: 1 chakra point each
Kawarimi jutsu: 2 chakra point each
Henge no jutsu: 2 chakra point each

Shadow clones: 5 chakra points each
Water clone or any other clone: 4 chakra points each
Shinryu Jin
Shinryu Jin
Missing Ninja
Missing Ninja

Character sheet
Chakra Points Left_bar_bleue210/210Chakra Points Empty_bar_bleue  (210/210)
Chakra Points Left_bar_bleue100/100Chakra Points Empty_bar_bleue  (100/100)
Nickname: The Demon of Death

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