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Post by goten 33 on Sat Sep 04, 2010 9:16 am

[center][center]Name:goten rokory
Place of Birth:leaf village

Appearance:gold brown hair down to neack with blue eyes.
normal body build and short for his age,black short sleeve top with normal blue jeans and a dark zip coat,never leves home with out his whip sword.

Personality:mostly calm and gental but if pushed can be sharp and dark but mostly nice and good but he has some things that are to remain hidden in his mind.
He is a strategy genius and is ready to give everything for his comrads.

In a fight he is carm and cooland tends to fight and think which is not all way a good thing for him for he can be distracted but will make a plan to suceed in his misssion and protect his comrads even if it means put his own life on the line

Likes:sunrise,sunset,missons in witch he dose not have to kill and traning on with comrads

dislikes:falling his mission,comrads having to rosort to his most powerful move,his enemy getting the best of him and people finding his secrets

History:goten became a genin at 10 and only a year later he became a chuuin and in that time has gone on meany missons.
He tends to be happy and a bit dumb but this is to mostly hide his past from others

Ninja ID
Village:leaf village
Rank:Chuuin(but allso in traing to become a anbu black ops member)
Nindo:To protect my comrads
To kill or be killed if needed
To become a anbu to protect my clan
skill points:
Equipment:whip sword,kunai knives,special ninja tools and a paper bomb
Fighting Styles:J.K.D and the praying mantes tecnique
Jutsu:ice style,tundra jutsu,genjutsu trap attack and taijutsu atack art of open palm and sub-zero atack shatterng death
(that is all)

goten 33
goten 33

Character sheet
goten Rokory Left_bar_bleue100/100goten Rokory Empty_bar_bleue  (100/100)
goten Rokory Left_bar_bleue100/100goten Rokory Empty_bar_bleue  (100/100)
Nickname: Shadow of the Moon

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