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Ryuzaki Clan

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Ryuzaki Clan

Post by Blaize on Tue Jun 16, 2009 10:08 am

name: Ryuzaki
Kekkei genkai: The only Power of the Ryuzaki that seemed the brothers have tapped in is the ability to learn and use fire element at an easier and faster rate then the other elements they try to learn. With that Said the clan is able to use/handel fire within there own will. (I.E Gaara's sand without the overpower of creating it from everywere xD) There is a story within a close personal friend of the Flame Ninja's father. "The use of the fire was like no other. The shape of the flame can only be weilded by the member who can see ever color of its potential" This has been a small suggestion that the clan is able to have a diffrent power within the diffrent colors of the flame. This has been known to be true because the red/orange flame has been used for offence and defence from the Flame Ninjas but they have used a White flame for their Medical ninjutsu.

clan history: Not much is know of this clan. The only known survivors of the clan are the Flame Ninja's Kyo and Blaize Ryuzaki. The only two things that have been noticed about their clans from the past. Is a flame type symbol on their parents headbands and The ability to use fire element at an easy rate. Though with the history a blur the two have made use of the clan's styles and has made there way into creating the history within thier present.

native village: Unknown. Currently Blaize resides within the Hidden Sand while Kyo dose not belong to a village.

clan's enemy: None at this time. Though two worthy enemies from Blaize Ryuzaki are the r7's Paks and the shinobi from the kayuga clan. Both Shinobi has made Blaize useevery aspect of his knowledge and from the battles gained strength to become a better shinobi not to mention develop new Ryuzaki Jutsu.[/b][/u]
clan alliances: The brothers are in alliance within the land of fire's Kohana and the Land of Wind's Suna.

clan symbol: The only symbol within their parents possesion was the fire symbol within their headbands (if i find a pic ill show it some time)

clan weapon:
A Katana witch is now given to Blaize. It was their fathers. It is a Simple katana but it has the ability to wield within the chakra of the user. And with the upgraded version of the weapon Blaize has tapped into the katana more then ever.
clan jutsus:

Jutsu used by Both known members of the Ryuzaki Clan

Ryuzaki Style: Ryuzaki Inferno
Type: Taijutsu/Clan
Rank: n/a Clan Style
Chakra usage: (4 per use)
Effect: With the Style of the Ryuzaki this was one of their basic form of offense and defense. While focusing the fire element chakra they can make it so that The fist and feet are engulfed in flames. While adding damage it also leaves the opponent left with a burning effect.


[Blaize Version]
Name:Ryuzaki Style: Healing Ember
Rank: A
Element: Clan/fire
Skill: Clan's Medical Ninjutsu

Description: By focusing fire elemental chakra into his hands Blaize is able to treat his own and his ally wounds This jutsu turns the fire chakra to a white flame. Also it can heal cuts treat wounds and close up blood(you know like bloodclots that stop bleed. As well as mend broken bones and serve as a numbing agent to some of the wounds.
Besides First aid this jutsu will stop the spread of poisons as well as stop the spread of Paks Poisons that was use in the battle with Blaize Ryuzaki from the past. Once the flame reaches the body and finds the poisons it entraps it in the fire and burns off the poisons in its early stage. If used during the middle or ending of the spread it can stop the spread and null the poison by 50 percent. This Jutsu changes when Blaize learnesd about more posions and is able to treat posions that he learns about.

[Kyos Version]
Ryuzaki Style: Warmth of the flame
Type: Medical Ninjutsu
Chakra Usage: (5)
Rank: C
Effect: Kyo would have his hands engulfed in flames once more as he uses the chakra from the flame and lets it enter in a wound either by him or someone else. As he focuses his chakra it would heal up any minor damage and Stops the bleeding of any major Slashes, marks,cuts etc. It will not heal fully for any damage that is already vital. More to deal with cauterize the wound and Stop the bleeding then healing fully.

(More soon to come when they grow stronger.)

Blaize's Known Clan Jutsu:
Name: Ryuzaki Style: Pyro Barrier
Developed by: Blaize Ryuzaki
Rank: B
Element: Fire
Skill: Clan Ninjutsu
Cost: 5 for the first Post -3 every turn

Range: Close-Mid
Description: The effect of this jutsu will be a bit backwards. While Learning this Jutsu Blaize had to think of a way of protecting himself as well as making himself stronger. During the Training for the Pyro Prision He developed another way to use the jutsu. By using his fire nature chakra and his training with his clan's style Blaize was able to make the pyro prison surround himself and other targets if he choses to as a mean of defense. He made it so that the Smoke would not be let out inside of this barrier and that it can with stand Attacks coming from the enemy. It also allow Blaize to touch the outer walls of the Pyro prison with his fire engulfed Hands. The barrier Can withstand B rank Ninjutsu, this ninjutsu can only withstand B rank Water Ninjutsu Before Breaking. It can also Break withstand B Rank Taijutsu as well or course while giving burning effects as stated above. The Jutsu will last about the same time as the Normal Effect of the Pyro Prison and will take -3 chakra points for every turn.This jutsu was inspired with the close battle of Laraz in Mind.

Name: Ryuzaki Style: Elemental Blade Triangle
Rank: A
Cost: 8
Element: Normal/fire/wind
Skill: Weapon
Range: Far
Description: THis skill has been developed by Blaize Ryuzaki. By using his katana and the use of shadow clones Blaize is able to create a large amount if not finishing damage to his opponent. This skill makes one of the katana filled with wind natured chakra the second with fire nature chakra and the third with normal chakra. The jutsu requires that the katana must be pinned in the ground all in the shape of a triangle. (the way its positioned and if u connected the dots) The Opponent should be in the middle of the triangle. The chakra coming out of each katana will released forming an outer wall entrapping the opponent. then the chakra itself will close itself inside the opponent. making the space getting smaller and smaller and once the chakra(triangle wall) closes and touches the opponent all the chakra will escape and burst giving fire, wind, and normal chakra based damaged to his opponent.

Of course this jutsu can be messed up if the opponent destroys one of the shadow katana before it hits the ground. If that happens and any of the katanas are unable to be pinpointed to the ground. the rest of the katana would just release the chakra inside the katana towards his opponent. and dealing damage to the opponent.

Name: wind element pure combustion.
Rank:S rank

b]Range:close(0-5m) to far(10+m)[/b]
Description:after the time blaize was without a squad. He was left on his own to do some training and exploring in this new village. The village and the old village had some very interesting science programs that even had the medic nins stunned. Blaize really didn't care much of what they blabed about except from something that caught his attention. A theory or really a fact. It seems that this world is comprised of 21 percent of oxygen. Within that if there is less then 17 percent of oxygen we would die. If there is more then 25 percent of oxygen humans would be flammable. That is what he was interested in. Blaize had used his time wisely into learning what's in the earth. It seems that the air we breath is not only with oxygen it reacts with other elements. So with his teaching and learning blaize has found a way to harness that theory and put it into practice. As a shinobi. As blaize was finding his own nitch he realized that to complete his jutsu he would have to channel out the oxygen from the rest and with hard work and trail and error he did. And with learning that he could set a whole person ablaze with just a snap of his fingers.

Blaize would first do a couple of hand signs. This would set up his chakra around the close proximity of his target. Then with the help of his hands and or feet. He is able to place each on opposite sides. He his left hand on the target and his right hand away from the target and vice versa and also with the direction of his feet. The hand towards the target will start to send out pure oxygen winds around the area towards the opponent. While his other hand will start to take out any other element besides oxygen away from the target. With his wind chakra he will be able to send large amounts of oxygen in a short amount of time. The pressure will leave the target feeling light headed to begin with. And with that pure amount reaching over 25 percent oxygen all blaize has to do is snap his finger (the hand sending pure oxygen) and the whole range of the pure oxygen will start to bust in one instand burning the human in such a great demand. That the human can even burn from the inside out because of the pure oxygen.

Though this jutsu can be used in more then one occasion. Because of the opposite direction blowing away the other elements in the air. If Blaize decides to he can focus the other element in one spot rather them escaping freely. If he chooses so. The area of that target will let the enemy without oxygen and would eventually fain due to the lack of oxygen. though because of the intense of the jutsu it would be rare that blaize would use its alternate effects.

{More to come but yea. lol i guess i have to put this clan on record if i keep developing new clan jutsu ^_^)

{Kyo Ryuzaki Clan Jutsu}

Ryuzaki Style: Burning Fist
Type: Ninjutsu/Clan
Rank B
Chakra Usage: 6
Effect:: Kyo would charge at the Opponent with tremendous speed. His main goal is to bring the opponent to the air. Mostly by landing Punches towards the face and stomic. Leading to an uppercut that sends the opponent in the air. By focusing Chakra in his legs he jumped up as the chakra in his fist Engulfs itself in flames seeming that the Ryuzaki Blaize technique had increased 5 fold. Kyo would deliver the punch towards the user letting the whole flames in his hand exit him towards his opponent sending the opponent flying a few feet and giving him burning effects to the opponent body.

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