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Kishin clan

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Kishin clan

Post by Asura Kishin on Tue Mar 24, 2009 6:58 pm

name: Kishin
Kekkei genkai: Death Mirrior eyes (aslo known as Jashin eyes)

clan history: It has been said that the Kishin clan was a curse clan and wasn’t meant to be apart of the shinobi world. Doing the early ages of the shinobi war the Kishin clan were not known of their secret power. Which is the third eye that grants them the ability to use a powerful jutsu,They once called it the death mirror eyes. But it is welll known as Jashin eyes in which the Kishin clan believes that Lord Jashin is watching them during battle.The kishin clan worshipped Lord Jashin but it was unclear if any f their members could actually use the immortaility jutsu. It is also said that it was rare that Kishin clan member could use the forbidden jutsu. Each clan member will have multiple tattoes of 3 eyes around their bodies including on their hands and back. The power of the clan 3rd eye jutsu creates two circular sysmbols which looks like two eyes on each side of the user. Depending on the element of the user they will be able to combine their two elements together in which it creates a even more powerful jutsu resulting it to be a high S rank jutsu. The kishin 3rd eyes is every sensitive and is therefore covered up with a special clothing that also covers all 3 eyes. There is a online of 3 eyes on the special clothing which they are able to see out of. When using their special jutsu the clothing is peeled away revealing their eyes. Majority of the Kishin clan used both wind and fire jutsu but some members started only using just one element and were killed by the other members saying that the bloodline was broken. It is also said that the Kishin summonings can use their eye technique once there is a contract between them.

native village:
clan's enemy: if any
clan alliances: if any
clan symbol:
clan weapon: special staff that is inside their bodies

clan jutsus:
Jashin Large Blast
Rank: A
Range: Close (0m ~ 5m), Mid (5m ~ 10m), Far(10m+)
Type: Attack
Element: Fire and Wind
Asura will do the necessary handseals and this attack begins with Asura placing his hands in a pray-like manner then creating small spheres which then become two circular eye-like symbols that both release a very powerful blast of wind and fire.Once each eye is locked onto the enemy the jutsu which is release will head in that particular direction The right eye-like symbols release fire while the left eye-like symbols releases wind element. This attack can not be copied by a sharingan user in which it requires Asura third eye to create. It will put a strain on his third eye and his body if he over uses the jutsu too much. Each time he uses the jutsu it will deduct 10 Chakra points.

Jashin small Blast
Rank: B
Range: Close (0m ~ 5m), Mid (5m ~ 10m), Far(10m+)
Type: Attack
Element: N/A
Asura will do the necessary handseals and this attack begins with Asura placing his hands in a pray-like manner then creating small spheres which then become two circular eye-like symbols. Inside of unleashin fire and wind out of both eye-like symbols Asura will unleash a huge volume of black ink like acid. The effects of this jutsu is like a high corrosive acid that melts through anything even the thickest metal can crumble like paper when the acid touches it.


Asura Kishin
Asura Kishin

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Re: Kishin clan

Post by Paksennarion on Tue Mar 31, 2009 9:12 am

The last one seems more like an A rank.


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