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Wind Beast Transformation Jutsu

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Wind Beast Transformation Jutsu

Post by Seisoku Kedamono on Thu May 28, 2009 9:07 pm

Name: Spiraling Air Bullet
Rank: B
Element: Wind
Chakra Points: 6
Skill: Beast Ninjutsu
Range: Mid-Far (5-10m+)
Description: While in his wind beast transformation, Seisoku sends wind chakra to his mouth. He will then form the wind and chakra into a three layered ball. When the ball is the right size and shape he will begin to make the layers rapidly spin in different directions. The outside layer will rapidly spin right and the middle layer will rapidly spin left. The core is different, it spins in multiple directions at once. When spit out the ball will move at tremendously high speeds. If a person gets hit with it they will begin to get sucked into the ball. They will be spun at high speeds; first at left, then right, then in all directions, not only will they be spun, but they will be cut up by the wind and hit by any debris that got caught in the ball. They will continue to be spun around until the ball finally explodes outwards (Two post after activation) creating strong gusts of wind that will knock anyone who is outside of the ball down if they are not careful. If the ball hits the ground it will begin to dig into the ground. Instead of bringing up dust and debris like one would expect the ball will begin to suck in rocks, dirt, and even people for two post until the ball finally explodes, which will let out all of the material that got caught into the ball. Also if a person is within twenty feet of the ball or wind while it is active they will begin to get sucked into it by strong winds. Like all beast ninjutsu this one requires no handsigns.
Mastery: No

Seisoku's Theme Song ^_^


Seisoku Kedamono
Seisoku Kedamono

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