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The dreams begin.

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The dreams begin.

Post by Guest on Wed May 27, 2009 2:46 pm

IYoku walked home from a long day of training obviously tired. The Hateshigan had been acting strangley recently when ever he used it. It would activate but its effects only hit him. He asked his father about it. His father in a moment of distress let down his serene mask of nonchalance showing shear horror. Iyoku barely noticed however and went about his day mildly confused.

Night came swiftly and sleep, oddly, came twice as quick. He went into a deep sleep seemingly undisturbed. Hours into his sleep his mind began to wander, unkown to Iyoku it knew exactly where it was going. A dream spun intself from the threads of Iyoku's imagination. The dream began in a dark and dense forest devoid of any life at all.The sky was grey, where ever it could be seen, and it was hideously cold. He began to walk and wander aimlessly.

Hours passed in this dark stormy world and he stumbled upon a dark old stagnant pond. The sun peaked through the clouds for a moment beaming onto the pond perfectley. He gazed into it seeing an older self. He wore the Iwa head band around his neck still but his hair was black and gray, but he was not old.


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Re: The dreams begin.

Post by Guest on Wed May 27, 2009 2:59 pm

On his back he wore an umbrella with his clans insignia emblazened onto it over the center. He looked into his clothes. They were weighed down with chains coming off the sleeves and leather straps holding the new unkown jacket over him. The sleeves were torn at the end but were obviously at one time at the end bordered in white fabric. His arms leather braces with metal sheets in the center he assumed for some kind of protection. But when he looked into the pond he saw the same self but this time in an elegant white robe with the snow flake insignia in black falling gently to the bottom. He seemed gentler in the reflection of the pond than what he felt. Looking up from the pond he noticed something odd. He was no longer in the eerie forest but instead in a town. Senbon lay every where. The dead looking much like porcupines. Kunai and shuriken also lay about. The small village was ablaze. The fire wasnt ordinary but black. Something only Uchiha could do. He looked around seeing not one Uchiha. His body began to tremble and he colapsed screaming in horror.

He lunged up from his bed dripping in freezing sweat trying to screem but nothing came out. He beagan to shake in fear as to what the dream could have meant.

(for you all reading this, if you are, this willl soon represent his struggle to choose between good and evil. The self he is when he gets in the dream is the darker one, the sinister blood bathed killer in him, what he may become because of what he bore witness to at Yon's house. The gentler self he sees in the pond is him good, and pure, untouched by the evils of the world and leader of the Hateshiganai clan.


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