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Calling all TSL Members and Potential New Members. Konoha is once again opened and Ranks and different Roles needs to filled. So be sure to use this opportunity to have some Fun! I would also like to ask everyone in the RP to please post so that we can move things along thank you.

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 Mutekimaro [WIP]

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PostSubject: Mutekimaro [WIP]   Tue May 05, 2009 7:14 pm

Character Information

Name: Mutekimaro Kaguya (Muteki - "unrivaled" Maro - "I" a loose translation would be One who is unrivaled.) pronounced: Moo-tech-key-ma-row

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Place Of Birth: Water Country

Appearance: Mutekimaro has pale skin which makes his vivid cyan eyes pop out more, eyes that are very keen and sharp. Having bags under his eyes, this usually makes him look a bit older then he really is. Placed just above his eyebrows two red dot like marks are present. His hair goes passed his shoulders by an inch and he keeps it in a lose ponytail. What ties his snow white hair is a flower shaped tie that is Tyrinian purple in color. Mutekimaro's face is rarely seen smiling usually being in a neutral expression. His facial features being quite defined and masculine for his age, adding to people mistaking his true age. Around his neck is where his Hidden mist village headband is found, worn how cowboys in the west wore their bandannas.

Mutekimaro's attire includes a fish net shirt he wears under, with a powder blue, loose-fitting, zip-up, long sleeved shirt ontop of it. His shirt when zipped up all the way will cover half of Mutekimaro's face. Two red dots similar to the dots on his head are placed on the back of his long sleeved shirt. Wearing Tyrian purple pants, cutting off just before reaching the ankles that are wrapped in bandages. Traditional shinobi sandals being black in color, and a petal-like scarlet red belt that is tied into making an orchid flower shape around his waist.

Personality: How does your chacter act? this Part should be atleast two paragraphs long a pragraph being five lines long across the screen.


  • Flowers
  • Marbles

  • Dislikes:

History: Tell us a little about your character, the more the better.

Ninja ID

Village: Kirigakure

Rank: Chuunin

Element: Raiton/Suiton

Nindo: "The weak die and the strong survive." "Helping others will only make people weaker." "If you cannot survive with your own power you do not deserve to live."

Skills: Taijutsu/Ninjutsu/Weaponry/Genjutsu

Skills Points:
Ninjutsu: 20
Genjutsu: 5
Weaponry: 15
Taijutsu: 30

  • kunai x10
  • Shuriken x10
  • first-aid kit x1
  • exploding pouch x10 A variation on the exploding note, these small pouches can be attached to a target and then explode a few seconds later.
  • Soldier Provision Pills x2

Fighting Styles: Samehaken - Shark Tooth Fist: A fighting style created by Mutekimaro. Using his ability to manipulate his skeletal structure, Mutekimaro when he attacks his opponent he will release jagged tooth-like bones into his target when contact is made. These bones have small, bone, barbs sorrounding them and when they are in a person's body the bones act as a type of shredder. The movement of the opponent will begin to cause them harm the bones moving inside their bodies will begin to rip away at muscle and dig deeper into the person's body. Taking the bones out is a painful task the barbs on the bones makes the pulling of them to cause more damage when being pulled out of the body.



Clan: Kaguya

Kekkei Genkai: Shikotsu Myaku - Corpse Bone Pathways

Description: Shikotsu Myaku - Corpse Bone Pathways: The ability to manipulate their bone structure. They can remove their bones at will, they had free control over the cells responsible for bone growth and replacement, allowing them to manipulate their bones at will. They could protrude their bones out through their skin with any injuries that would be received during this process healing instantly, change their bone density, and could even completely regenerate a lost bone. To create weapons as strong as steel and also use their ability to spurn the creation of new bones. Kaguya Kimimaro would utilize dances which took advantage of this ability.

Clan weapon: N/A

Clan History: The Kaguya clan hailed from Hidden Mist and they were known for their love of battle. They foolishly decided to challenge their home country and they were all wiped out save for Kimimaro. This clan has the ability to manipulate their bone structure, this ability is called Shikotsu Myaku (Corpse Bone Pathways). They can remove their bones at will to create weapons as strong as steel and also use their abilty to spurn the creation of new bones.

Misc. Information

RP sample:

How did you find us?: I was one of the founders of this site.




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Mutekimaro [WIP]
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