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Post by Paksennarion on Wed May 27, 2009 9:07 am

Paks stared down at her bloody hand, slowly flexing the fingers. A hiss of pain escaped her lips and she froze, waiting for the blaze of pain to die down. Definitely broken then. Looking at the rest of her, she resisted the urge to sign. Blood splattered the sleeves of her shirt, and her skin. It had congealed and dried, dull brown flakes slowly falling away.

Making use of all of the considerable stealth training Paks had received, she made her way through Iwa without attracting any attention. Keeping to the rooftops and the shadowy parts at that, the young Jounin made her way towards one of the brightly lit buildings. Scaling the wall with the aid of chakra, she used her good hand to pop open one of the windows, slipping into the room quietly.

The room was empty of patients, but there was a nurse organizing something off in the corner. Starting for the door Paks' vision began to swim and she bumped into the corner of the bed frame, a quiet 'oof' escaping her lips. The nurse glanced up startled, and then suddenly jumped to her feet upon seeing Paks' bedraggled appearance.

"Shinobi-san! Are you alright?" the woman rushed over to her, looking both alarmed and overly concerned. Paks stumbled to her feet, her eyes deciding at that moment to complain loudly as her vision swam in and out of focus. Really, not sleeping for a few days probably had been a bad decision on her part. Moving to snarl at the woman, she didn't want her sympathy she just wanted to find Dustin and get him to heal her hand. Before she could complete the action however, her legs decided to comply with whatever issue her eyes were having and Paks toppled back over.

Luckily, or not depending on who you asked, the bed was right next to her and she fell on that instead of the floor. The nurse made a small noise of distress, and quickly bustled towards her muttering about careless shinobi under her breath. Snarling, rather weakly Paks was ashamed to admit, she tried to fight off the encroaching haze. In the end it swarmed and browbeat her will into submission, and Paks drifted off into unconsciousness listening to the sounds of a dismayed nurse.


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