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Kishin Muzuki

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Kishin Muzuki Empty Kishin Muzuki

Post by Seth on Mon May 25, 2009 4:22 pm

Name: Kishin Muzuki

Age: 14

Gender: male

Village: Konoha

Appearance: His short pruple hair makes him look like a girl, but this genius is to evil to be one(joking). His tanned skintone and black eyes can just make him look pure evil. And the but the outfit is kool. Wearing a huge black coat with hood a scaf and sunglasses it's hard to see his face the only disgusting fact you can get about his face are thoses black eyes.

Personality: Dark, quiet and evil. Always plotting always evil. He is a pure genius on the inside that combination makes deadly, never afraid to kill and always kills in the most affective way. Apart from killing Kishin doesn't know much else. But in general personality of Kishin, was the quiet person that is not noticed in the corner of the room doing work. Kishin is a person that doesn't want not desire to be noticed by over ninja nor anyone. He wants to be allown and just left allown. Obviously ready he is willing to do a little bit of work for Konah, keeping in mind he usaully does all the work and more. Kishin doesn't like to be loud or have any loud annoying people around him. Loyalty and friendship isn't a thing needed for someone in his possition.

element: Fire and earth

Rank: Chuuin Anbu

Skill Ninjustu

Clan: The Misumi clan

Clan History: This clan has no history. Kishin was born allown with the name he knows nothing of his clan aprat from what he has read in some old scrolls. What he fund most intresting was there Kekkei Genkai but he wasn't sure what the scrolls ment yet.(yea can I add that later)

History: Kishin has lived to fight and fought to live. If he wasn't fighting in the playground or around the village he would be training both his mind and body. Living allown and issolated. But there is a difference between him and the overs that where left allown. He loves life and want to die on the battle field. Being a warrior is his dream. Kishin is living his dream.

14 years ago he was born in Japan in a small village of farmers. They were not rich nor poor. He started to work for his parents still young, but it actually was nomal back then. His father died and he had to look after his mother. He was still working and living on the farm. Everything was normal. He was sold by his mother in the night. She commited a crime and he was punished instead of her. He was forced to work as a Ninja or die.

But before Genin he was at the acedemy. Kishin would always get into fights with students and teachers and always come out as the undefied winner. all the teachers thought the same. He was a weirdo and wouldn't become a ninja ever. They where half wrong.

When Kishin was a Genin he studied and worked under the great Suzume Mokero. He learned far faster than his peers and was undoutbable a genuis. Kishin learned what it meant to be a ninja and is the ninja he is because of his training as a genin.

Kishin took the chunin exam and passed it first time, easily. He stood out from the rest of the ninja taking the exam. He stood out some much he was asked to become a anbu member. With his brillance in stragety he got through without breaking a sweet.

Nindo: My Honour

Likes: Killing

Dislikes: Dieing

rp sample:

Kishin walks onto the desolant field in it's pittiful winter setting. Kishin walked straight into the middle and collapsed on the ground, completely covered in blood. But his face still showed the loving and warm smile of a child, but the other faces around him showed more or a dead face. "Ha...hahahaahaha!, Gimmie more!".It then started to snow, which would soon cover the blood stained snow and the bodies. Then nobody would ever see the evidence, of tragedy that happened there today.

But still there was one remaining. The man standing in the field wasn't actually the enemy but a banndit coming to collect whats left from the battle. Kishin didn't like the fact that he was disrepecting the dead, He drew his sword and and ran towards the Bandit and slashed him down the middle and split him in half.

Afterwards Kishin returned home. . . .


Name:Fire Blast Justu
Description:Shots a huge fire blast at my opponent. If it succesfully hits my enemy will really feel the heat and start to burn. This Justu is a powerful phyical force in the strike as well.

Name: Earth Spike Justu
Range: far(10+m)
Description:A giant spike comes up under my oopnoent and slashes them or pierces. Because the spike was sharpened by Kishins Charkra it is extremly sharp.

Name:Mud wall Justu
Description: Kishin spits out a load of mud from his mouth and a giant wall of earth comes from the ground to protect Kishin. This wall is made from earth and mud and is huge. This wall isn't perfect tho it can be bought down.

name:Summoning Justu (Beetle)
rank: Adolescent level
looks:A giant blue beetle around 5 metres tall. It has a hard shell and large wing span that allows it to fly around easily. It's horn has three spikes for raming too.
origin:I found it flying around the forest and made a deal with it. But this huge beetle being under a drunken influence crashed into a tree. Thats when Kishin stepped in and helped it out. Kishin carried the beetle on his back all the way home. It was then when the beetle and Kishin got more drunk throw a party and made a deal. The beetle will give Kishin a helping hand where ever.

Name:Wind Blade Justu
Description:The beetle builds up a load of wind type charkra inside it's stomach and blast my enemies with it, the intense pressure can blow away enemies. This justu is like being hit by a mini storm.

Secound skills:

The clan that Kishin never grow up with, where extremly good with their swords. Kishin found the hidden scrolls under his clans compound and have read and analysed them fully. He has been praticsing erveryday of his life with swords. But because he has found his clans special swords and can combine his fire justu with his sword work.

(Yes I'm Kishin Muziki I've just lost the password and can't be bothered to get back)

Last edited by Seth on Mon May 25, 2009 4:34 pm; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : To improve the old, and spelling:))


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Kishin Muzuki Empty Re: Kishin Muzuki

Post by Seisoku Kedamono on Mon May 25, 2009 5:08 pm

You posted the same App Twice... This one and

That one....So I'll look at the other one.

Seisoku's Theme Song ^_^


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