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A Refurbished Home

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A Refurbished Home

Post by YonYon on Wed May 20, 2009 2:17 pm

Minato was lounging in the living room chair, drinking a soda while reading a paticularly interesting Book Called "Tersias". It was a story of a blind oracle, who was kept as a slave by an Alchemist named Magnus Malachai. He folded over to the page and placed the book down, He looked around at his house, which had been drastically inproved since his last trip there. The walls were a pleasant creamy white, and the carpets were emerald green, the Furniture was polished and shiny, Minato had been hard at work along with a few friends, It had cost him quite a bit of Ryo, but he called in a favor and the Costs were reduced a bit. His home now looked like a paraise, compared to the last look of it, blood everywhere along woth trash and plenty of Mold.

Minato was a new man now, since the death of his father, he changed, no longer a shy fearful boy, he was now cheerful hardworking and chatty, not in the annoying way though, The downside to this though He hadnt shown up at Training for a few days, he wasnt so sure of Aruku or ANei sensei hasd either, but no matter he had trianed himself over time, learning several new Taijutsu techniques. He leaned back enjoying his relaxed feeling and returned to his book, in this chapter a Girl Tara had just Rescued Tersias from the Evil Religous Madman Solomon and his parterner Campion was after them.

"Do you Remember me? Its been a long time.Minato Hitomi, Silent as the Forest. You Died I brought you back from Deaths Cold Grip, I gave you a Chance for a New life, But it seems Fate has made our paths Crossraods, You are Damned To Serve me...To Die Serving Me...Welcome Home, Minato. Welcome to Hell on Earth " - Shikataru Nara

"Thats him...Minato Hit- Wait....Is he Smiling?".
"Neither Killing nor dieing Frightens me....I AM YOUR EXECUTIONER". - Minato Hitomi

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