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The Conquistadors [W.I.P]

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The Conquistadors [W.I.P]

Post by Shinryu Jin on Tue May 19, 2009 3:28 pm

Name: The Conquistadors

Creator: Uchiha Raiden & Shikataru Nara

Background: Raiden’s story ended and began anew after he suffered a defeat by the forces of the Leaf Village. It was during his quest to obtain 5 magical orbs that saw him become obsessed with the powers they possessed and the opportunities they would grant him. Raiden found himself with a couple of trustworthy allies and members of his org. The Organization known as The Reshiato 7 that was created by himself and Shikataru of the leaf Village. A couple of formidable members soon joined and so they laid waste to the pathetic Villages. Most notably Konoha and the Hidden Sand Village.

As time went by Raiden became more and more notorious across the lands as did his comrades. And so the bounty of their heads rose even higher with every crime. But sadly they all started dying until Raiden was but a mere lone wolf on his quest. With all purposes and intents he would have accomplished his goal had it not been for his betrayal. A betrayal so terrible that it eventually ended up with him dying. At least that is what everyone believed him to be. Dead! Nothing but a skeleton laid 6 feet under the ground. And so there was once again peace in the lands and everyone was happy. But did these so called peace keepers accomplished anything? One would have to say no to that. From the depths of Ashes like Phoenix being reborn again or in his case. From the depths of hell he came with his crimson eyes that was so alluring most would crumble before him.

He was finally back to his old ways again and this time he had a different agenda that would result in sure victory for him this time round. Now looking across the lands Raiden came across an old ally who he himself had thought to be dead. His name was Shikataru and both warriors were soon to be the beginning and the end of a new era. Their ideals and their will, shall be all that they to make a change. And so they shall, they are no longer the Reshiato 7, this time they will be known as the Conquistadors. Who’s main aim is to conqueror by whatever means necessary.

Goals: Harvest the Greatest and Strongest Kekkei Genkais in the Ninja world and use them as their Weapon.

Organization Enemies: Everyone

Organization Allies: Only the most worthy

Sign of Membership:

Members: 8 max



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