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Kedamono Mansion

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Kedamono Mansion

Post by Seisoku Kedamono on Thu May 07, 2009 7:30 pm

After his talk with with Asura, Seisoku decided to go straight home and get ready to leave Iwa for good. Seisoku walked down the long stone path leading to the Kedamono mansion, he gazed at the marble tiger statues that decorated the sides of the pathway. The statues were a symbol of the Kedamono clan's beast like nature. But they were also a sign of grace.

Seisoku reached the gate protecting the mansion, his mansion. That gate was the only way of getting in the mansion for there was a large stone wall surrounding it. Opening the gate would be a problem to non Kedamono's for only the strength of the beast forms can open the gates. On each side of the gate there were two large marble tiger statues that were looking ahead and snarling. Each of them looked like they were about to spring to life any minute and attack. Seisoku looked at the gate, he transformed into his first transformation and opened it, then closed it behind him. He transformed back into a human and walked to the front door. Like the gate on both the sides of the door were tiger statues, except these were a smaller version of the legendary summon Susamajii. Seisoku reached for the right statues left eye and pressed it down, then he pressed the right paw of the left statue. The door opened and he stepped inside, a blank look on his face.

Seisoku looked around nothing had changed since he had left. The foyer of the mansion was huge, there were paintings everywhere, statues of beast, tigers, bears and any other "scary" animals. Seisoku walked down the hallways to his room, the hallways were large enough for Byakkonen to walk through without breaking anything. Speaking of Byakkonen..where was that tiger? Byakko or Byakkuun weren't there either. Whatever he'll just go and ask Susamajii about it later.

Seisoku opened the door to his room, he went straight to his bed and grabbed the black backpack that was on it. He went through his dressers and closets packing everything he needed, he also put two wallets full of money in his backpack not knowing if he'll need them or not. Seisoku went into his closet and pulled out a long black leather coat. The coat reached down to his heels and only buttoned from the collar to the waist, the rest was left open. He looked at himself in the mirror, he had the same blank face, pale green eyes, spiky light brown hair that covered his right eye, etc. He was almost ready to leave Iwa now. Now it was time for the hard part. It we for him to talk his summons into this.

Seisoku made his way out of the mansion and to the backyard. He walked towards the small waterfall that his summons usually hang out by. As he anticipated his summons were there. He gazed at Byakkonen and Byakkuun sleeping near the water, Byakko -the youngest summon- was hunting for fish in the small pond. Seisoku walked over to them and Byakkonen lifted up his head Master Seisoku...back already. Seisoku smiled slightly and said jokingly "Got a new member and it proved to be too much." Byakkuun growled and said If you would have taken me I would have helped you whip them into shape. Seisoku couldn't help but chuckle but then he got serious again. "Look guys....there's something I need to tell you.." "What's that?" Byakko asked in his little calm voice. Seisoku took in a deep breath and then began to explain, "Guys...we're leaving Iwa... And I don't mean as in for a couple of days or weeks...I mean we're leaving this place for good."

His summons stared at him blankly for a while, Byakkuun finally cut in and broke the silence "Seisoku are you crazy!?! Leaving the village!?! For what reason!?!" Byakkonen was glaring at Seisoku getting ready to pounce on him. "The Seisoku I know...would never think of something like that! What has gotten in to you Seisoku! If something is bothering you let us know! We can help you!" Byakko came up to Seisoku and sniffed him "Master Seisoku....can you tell us why...Please?"The summon asked quietly, calmly, and softly. Seisoku smiled softly and spoke about how Iwa and any other shinobi country were the reasons for the pain and suffering for everyone. He explained to them that as long as the countries are not united wars will remain, people will die, and families will be torn apart. " remeber my father...He was your former master...It was a war that killed him. You dont want that to happen to me, do you?" They all shook their heads and began talking among themselves. After a while they came up to Seisoku, "We have decided..we will go with you.. Byakkonen said, "We will fight with you, to the end. Byakko said, "We will bring peace to the world or die trying..." Seisoku smiled and gave each of his summons a hug. "Byakko and Byakkuun, tell Susamajii about our plans, Byakkonen with me." They all nodded and Byakko and Byakkuun dissapeard in a white cloud. Seisoku walked back to the gates and Byakkonen followed, "I hope this goes well Seisoku.." Seisoku looked at the tiger "It will will.." he said as the mansions gates closed behind them.

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