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Mission for Team 6

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Mission for Team 6

Post by Dr.Strange on Sun Apr 12, 2009 9:00 am

After basic training and when the Team 6 Jounin thinks you are ready, here are a few missions. Here is your first Mission.

Mission: Finding The Feudal Lords Daughters Cat
Team: 6
Risk: Very Low
Status: Untaken
Description: While the Feudal Lord of the Earth Country's family was in Iwagakure, his daughter Kimoko, age 6, lost her cat ,Mono, when it ran into the forest near there eastern gates. We believe that the cat is still in the forest and your skills are what is needed to find Mono.

Mono has a red ribbon around her neck and has a black patch of fur on the back on her head, she is orange and is a medium sized house cat.
Objective: Your Objective is to find Momo and bring her back to the Village safely, there we will give Momo back to Kimoko.
Reward: 70 Ryo a Genin, 90 Ryo a Jounin


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