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work in progress "a new face of the bloodline" kenji ryuzaki

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work in progress "a new face of the bloodline" kenji ryuzaki

Post by Blaize on Mon Apr 06, 2009 12:39 am

Name: Kenji Ryuzaki
Age: 15
Rank: gennin
Village: hidden stone/rock
Birth/childhood arc:
Not born of the village hidden in the rock. where He was born is still unknown. Some people believe he was born in the village hidden in the stars.
Sub arc: war of the stars
More then 15 years ago there was an outcast of greedy shinobi of all villages to attack the hidden star village to grab their source of power. The only line of defense for the hidden star is to call on the ally of lower shinobi villages that was not part of the 5 great villages. Though ally of the smaller villages it was a godsend that they all sent there best ninja to protect the star. Of those ninja were a duo who were greatly skilled in jutsu that can take down many. With their signature hands burning in fire they were recognized as the flame of the stars. As they should along with the signature fire it was rumored that the two shinobi were able to summon astoridesor "burning rock" from the sky to be brought back down to its enemy. It has been said that they died in the field of battle protecting the star with a sealing jutsu as they were ambushed by the greedy shinobi. It has been rumored that their ninja head bands were never found. So the true village of the "flame of the star" ryuzaki duo was never found. Until the next generation will make its appearance.

Childhood arc: living with blood. Just not yours
The "flame of the stars" had died in the field of battle. Leaving its baby star home alone. It has been notified by the previous kage of the death and wondered who would be suited for caring of the child. It was appointed that a special jounin would be appointed for his care until he was able to join into the academy.

After the breakdown of the story of his parents he had no choice into what he had to live with. He and the special jounin shared a bond. Not a bond of a mother and child but more of a bond of siblings. She was able to teach him the mechanics of an everyday child but she quickly went into training him to become a better shinobi then his parents. Unfortunately she did not have the blood of the ryuzaki nor was there any ryuzaki on record besides his parents there was no way into tapping into his real power until that day.

Training into his own homemade gym. Kenji was practicing throwing kunai. From being raised by a kunochi he had to learn to provide accuracy and chakra control. During practice it seemed that the kunochi wanted him to learn to throw at moving targets then standing targets. The training went on and on for a couple of days then one day he got so frustrated he had his final kunai thrown at her and when he thought he had her she flickered away. It got him so mad chakra started to build on his clutching fist as he started to gain more chakra up his elbows. He raised his hands to tell her to stop cheating the chakra exerted forward as this low form of fire caught the shinobi off gaurd into her stomach sending her to the ground. Kenji was so surprised as what just happened he didn't move. Then he looked at his so called sister as she looked back and thought of the past. It seems the blood starting to rich its boiling point. He's starting to come a ryuzaki. After a few more months of training and living with her it seems that he had to roll into the academy. And that he did. Now he had to learn the basics as well as to learn the technique of his blood before him. With no other ryuzaki he was all on his own. As a request by the shinobi that was his so called sister they dropped the ryuzaki from the records of the academy just in case the parents of the war come to hunt him down. So he was just known as kenji.

At the academy he kept to himself. He did not really make enough of an effort for making friends. He did not like nor hate he was just interested in something he found at the library.

He found a book entitled the basics of scroll ninjutsu. He read the book almost as many times as he could. The reason being is that he didn't know some of the meaning the first couple of times. He had to learn the words from class or wherever to fully understand it. He did so eventually and wanted to study more but something stopped him from doing so.

On his last year of graduation it was his last year to focus training within him self. He had already knew the basic jutsu that was taught and score an advance of targets and chakra controll. And proficient in speed. But he was one of the lucky shinobi that was able to utilize their first element

Whether he knew about it the main element from the ryuzaki is fire. He still yet to make a jutsu from his fire chakra but he was slowly able to learn how to summon and dispel his fire comming from his body. With the knowledge of chakra control he has gained he was able to spew out chakra on his hands towards his shoulder and the foot of his legs, and other parts of the body including chest abdomen face and back. Though good measures I'm sure but he could only focus on one area.

During the last final year kenji was paired with the other lucky elemental students and was taken to the outdoors for sparing, learning how to control the power. Unfortunately kenji stood at a disadvantage. All his opponents were earth elemental users.

The two main losses he took to heart was with a shinobi that could rise small rocks from the ground and stop kenji in his tracks. Kenji was never able to utilize his fire elemental chakra during the fight and took a beating.

The second loss he took to heart was when he was facing another elemental shinobi and was finally able to pull off a win until the shinobi utilized earth element to raise a small boulder witch collapse into twenty odd pieces and was reflected back at kenji for a lost. During the last two matches he lost he was made fun of how a shinobi living withing the hidden rock can survive in fire elemental alone. He was upset at the travesty and went on back to the academy to study on his own

And so he did he took a new look on training studying the fundements of the scrolls. How it could be used in the time of need. As a small advantage he would use these scrolls as a mean of his shinobi life. He knew he couldn't master a second element. He yet still needs to control the elemtn of his birth. With his talent of chakra control using the scrolls dosent sound like a bad idea. His fascination of the type of scrolls he like to use/ learn are the seals.

With his graduation exam he was to learn the basic jutsu and so he did and with his final match he was able to show his new found way of using his clan's style into his fixation with seals to defeat the stone elemental shinobi. This exam let him show case his very first(made) jutsu.

Jutsu: seal of the joints
Rank; E
Element: scroll/clan (self made)
Description: using the scroll knowledge and self training he has. He is able to take out a scroll with a glue like substance to it. He would then influence the small amount of fire chakra he could control into his scroll. And when open he would wrap it around someones arm were the hinge of the shoulder and elbows are. When done kenji would have to do two hand signs to seal the scroll. Once sealed the glue fire enhanced chakra would take into effect and in the course of 1 post it will start to bind itself on the body making the use of the arms reduced half since the scroll is coralling itself on the arm. Like a snake squeezing its pray. Its only last 3 turns. 1 for activation and two for its use. On the last post if the shinobi already hasent tried to take it off it will puff into smoke. If the shinobi tries to take it off the glue will run its course and squeezeses his joints leaving that part of the arm slowly reduced for one turn. Then the scroll disperses.
Long story short
1)Scroll with chakra like glue
2)Enhanced with amount of fire chakra
3) Placed on joint
4) I turn to activate it second turn starts to squeezes the shoulder and makes that arm slow for that turn and the next
5) When the third turn is over the scroll disperse
6) If shinobi starts to take it off the scroll will squeezes that joint leaving that arm reduced speed and power by half for one turn then the scroll will disperses

Appearance: caramel colored body. His not average build but he's not a super athlete like bushy brows sensei. His hands sometimes can be rough one day because of training or smooth to the touch with the lotion he puts on himself after training. A habit he gained from his special jounin "sister type figure". His eyes are brown but sometimes has them covered with some type of sun glasses due to the sun light the hidden stone receives. Out of habit he only wears them during missions. His face looks like an innocent face but sometimes it can give the look of all the pain it has went through. Being so young yet a ninja the expression he gives are starting to mature. He wears a light spring time jacket with the type of collars that covers your face when you pop them up. Once again due to the terrain of the village. If not then he would just have normal apparel. His sense of style dosent really matter it changes when he needs to be but if he dosent have the collar shirts when he is out on missions he would have on one of the mask on that covers your lower face like the kohana shinobi kakashi. (Sorry I told you not soo good with descriptions)

Personality: keeps to himself. Nothing good nor nothing bad. He has a natural style to him. Though a loner because the loss of his parents and only have a. Bond with his so called sister. Has been sort of a reader but only the scroll books that introducing him to seals. With that said, his free time is usually spent on training or developing scrolls. Is in the verge of being torn in two because of the pressure of living in a village with the academy students thinking they can just win with earth elemental against a shinobi of fire. (That's it for now)

element: fire as first element earth as second

Rank: genin?.

Skill: Ninjutsu, sealing


Clan History: n/a (clan was for last name purpose may place a clan page in the near future I will ask to update when the time comes)

(sealing ones heart is just another way to escape the pain of reality)

Likes:to read, climb trees, keep to self when possible, craves fried bananas (totones in spanish)

Dislikes: fish, preppy people, the killers of his parents, umm fish?, earth elemental shinobi thinking they can beat fire all the time
RP sample:

Jutsus: will make when I have a chance to get to that menu



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Re: work in progress "a new face of the bloodline" kenji ryuzaki

Post by Dr.Strange on Wed May 20, 2009 7:05 pm

APPROVED! I guess...


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