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tenshi Empty tenshi

Post by Tenshi on Sun Mar 29, 2009 1:27 pm

Name: Tenshi

Age: 14

Gender: male

Village: rock

Appearance: Red normal hair like Sasori. He has 3 katanas all mounted on his belt. He has a black kimono with a hood that he ussually wears.

Personality: Kinda badassy he hates to be called wimpy

element:Water and fire

Rank: Genin

Skill:[swordsmenship] and Ninjutsu

Clan: None

Clan History: None

History: Tenshi was born in the Hidden Rock village. He was an aceptional student at the acadamy and loved learning jutsu. He was interested in the new animals of Ligers he had heard of them but hadn't seen one. Apparently they were a cross between a lion and a tiger. One day he went shopping in the market. He saw a lone baby Liger in an alley way that a man was auctioning off a liger!

Nindo: Has none really just cut everyone down in my way!

Likes: girls,people, and like 1 other thing.

Dislikes: A LOT!

rp sample:

Jutsus:None currently

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tenshi Empty Re: tenshi

Post by YonYon on Sun Mar 29, 2009 1:48 pm

hmm lets see...

Appearance Needs more Detail
Personality needs more Detail
History needs more Detail
No training With Deidara, all canon chars are dead
There is no Akatsuki so remove that part.
Longer RP Sample
No Exploding CLay
You only start with The Basic E ranks, 2 d Ranks and A C Rank.
Use the Jutsu template we provided

"Do you Remember me? Its been a long time.Minato Hitomi, Silent as the Forest. You Died I brought you back from Deaths Cold Grip, I gave you a Chance for a New life, But it seems Fate has made our paths Crossraods, You are Damned To Serve me...To Die Serving Me...Welcome Home, Minato. Welcome to Hell on Earth " - Shikataru Nara

"Thats him...Minato Hit- Wait....Is he Smiling?".
"Neither Killing nor dieing Frightens me....I AM YOUR EXECUTIONER". - Minato Hitomi

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tenshi Empty Re: tenshi

Post by Paksennarion on Sun Mar 29, 2009 6:56 pm

Also you only have one element, and you need to use our skill template. You may choose up to four skills and place 50 points between them. Those four skills with be the only type of jutsu you get to use, so choose wisely.

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Over and over I destroyed...

Glomp. Stab. Face palm.

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tenshi Empty Re: tenshi

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