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Holding Cells

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Holding Cells

Post by Paksennarion on Fri Mar 20, 2009 1:13 pm

Namu ignored the shinobi's words, and continued leading him. When they approached the holding cells she produced the various identification while Minato was searched and all weapons and shinobi gear was confiscated. Then sje led Minato through the many twisting halls to his cell. It was a normal cell, that is normal for a hidden Village. At the moment they didn't have that many other prisoners so he would be alone on the whole floor.

Namu opened the door, the set of keys jangling in her hand. After securing Minato she was to stand guard, the other guards on this floor were all rather good at their job and knew better than to comment on the new arrival.

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Re: Holding Cells

Post by YonYon on Fri Mar 20, 2009 1:22 pm

Minato followed quietly humming to himself. It hadny that bad so far, just having his chakra sealed away. As Namu showed her Id and such, Minato flipped the gaurd off as he walked by him. He looked around as he was led through several twisted halls and eventually to a Cell. He sighed knowing he was alone. He stepped inside his cell and watched as Namu stood gaurd.

He groaned hoping this was it. Just imprisonment.

"Do you Remember me? Its been a long time.Minato Hitomi, Silent as the Forest. You Died I brought you back from Deaths Cold Grip, I gave you a Chance for a New life, But it seems Fate has made our paths Crossraods, You are Damned To Serve me...To Die Serving Me...Welcome Home, Minato. Welcome to Hell on Earth " - Shikataru Nara

"Thats him...Minato Hit- Wait....Is he Smiling?".
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