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The Shinobi's escape

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The Shinobi's escape Empty The Shinobi's escape

Post by shinobiwan on Thu Jan 29, 2009 6:35 pm

(remember this is not a rp, this is a story made by me. If you have any ideas about later ideas pm me and ill try to work em in.Also comments are appreciated. Enjoy ^_^)


The ninja burst through the brush. He heard four taps behind him. It was the anbu black ops. The mysterious ninja cradled the scroll he head in his arm's. He grit his teeth, because if he failed here, he not only failed his village, but his comrades were dead. He wouldn't let that happen. He yelled and picked up his pace, now determined to win....


2 days earlier, in the konoha plains, were 4 jounin hidden in brush and silence. At that moment, 3 anbu agents appeared in the clearing, standing directly in front of them. One of them, Artemis, silently used a summoning jutsu, as an eagle appeared on his arm. He put a message inside the carrier pouch. The eagle flew off to deliver news to the mist village saying they had made contact.
"What are the Black Ops doing here!" Proud said using their connected mind-share jutsu.
"I dont know but I confirmed contact with the mist" Artemis replied. The man next to Artemis shifted slightly, tensing himself. He was their squad leader, someone all of them had known for years.
"This is it, lets move!" Kayn said. "Fire style, lava guyser jutsu! Earth style, Pitch Cave jutsu!" kayn yelled, revealing his posistion and trapping the anbu members in a cave of burning pitch. All four ninja circled around the cave and said in unison "Earth Style, Sealing Jutsu!". The cave started sinking into the ground. The jutsu ended. As the team walked over, they discovered substitutions. The last member of their team, Ryoma, cried out as he was knocked un-concious by an anbu member. He was grabbed and taken while Kayn distracted the anbu agents with a genjutsu long enough for the rest of the team escaped. Ryoma was the one who was captured, and with him, his kekke genkai, Inferno. That jutsu can instantaniously create fire at any part of the body. It was native to the Korak clan, in which Kayn was also. Ryoma was also Kayn's little brother, and it took all his strength to not run after him. Proud had her own kekke genkkai also. She had the power to break into people's minds. Lastly, Artemis, the Pen clan. His jutsu could transform his body into someone else, or if especially skilled, take over someone's body. They ran and hid in brush regrouping for what to do next...

(This is not the end of chapter one. There is alot more on the way Smile )

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