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The Hyuuga, Nara, Uchiha clan

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The Hyuuga, Nara, Uchiha clan

Post by .:Arashi:. on Sun Dec 07, 2008 6:16 pm

Okay this is how the hyuuga clan's jyuuken style and their jutsu will work.

~For every hit landed by the hyuuga member it will deduct three chakra points from the opponent

~For every three hits landed the hyuuga member will be allowed to say they harmed one of the opponents internal organs in some way, this however will not include the heart.

~Sixty four palms will deduct sixty four chakra and harm an internal organ and will seal all jutsu use up to C-rank meaning that if hit by this jutsu you will only be able to use jutsu up to C-rank

~One hundred twenty eight palms will be almost be the same as sixty four palms but it's affects will be stronger. It will deduct one hundred twenty eight chakra points harm the opponent internally and will seal all jutsu up to D-rank, meaning that the opponent will only be able to use jutsu up to D-rank.

~ Genin level Hyuuga's will have vision that will alow for a 50m radius
Chuunin level Hyuuga's allowed 500m radius of vision
Jounin level will be allowed a 1000m radius of vision
A hyuuga member can increase their sight of vision by 50m each time by posting their training of their eyes these post will have to be ten paragraphs post

~For every post the Byakugan is active minus two chakra point from the user

This is how the Nara clan's shadow possesion jutsu will work and it's restrictions

~The first use of the shadow possesion jutsu will be active for six post after this repeated use of the jutsu will decrease the amount of post the shadow is active by two post and the bind of the shadow will decrease by half for every time used. This will also work for every other shadow jutsu from the Nara clan.

These are the rules on the Uchiha

~They can copy an opponent's jutsu but only for that battle and the jutsus they can copy will only be canon jutsus, they also can't copy kekkei genkai jutsus

~There will be a deduction of two Chakra points per post the sharingan is active

~5% of your vision is diminished for every ten post in total of use of MS




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