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Namiko Umibe

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Namiko Umibe

Post by Mew Cookie on Fri Jul 03, 2009 9:01 pm

Character Information

Name: Namiko Umibe

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Place of Birth: Kirigakure

Appearance: A rather old/bad drawing of her. If that picture makes your eyes bleed, here is a description of her:

Namiko has long, straight, blue hair with tendrils framing her face, ending at about her bust (or lack thereof). Her eyes are a deep brown and rather large. She generally has a very cute and innocent-looking face. She is short (about 4'11") and, as I stated earlier, has a very small chest, which she often complains about. She's rather twiggy, due to her rarely using taijutsu and hating of red meat. She wears a red and gold Chinese-style top, basic black shorts, and fishnets on her arms. Her ninja shoes are black, and she wears her forehead protector on her left bicep, because she is left-handed and doesn't want to injure her throwing arm.

Personality: Hyperactive, cheerful, and always excited about something, Namiko is what one could call Little Miss Sunshine. She is very childish and has many silly habits, such as always demanding piggybacks or sometimes even shoulder-rides from her taller friends. She is very curious and inquisitive, always wanting to know every little detail about another person. She can be rather annoying with her seemingly permanent sugar-rush, amplified by her love of...well, sugar. She's generally very fun and always ready for an adventure.

However, Namiko has a rather unstable mentality, often resulting in violent outbursts if she gets hurt. Yes, her greatest fear is being injured (which is rather odd for a shinobi), and should she get hurt in battle, she will likely go a slight bit insane...okay, really insane. Think Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, people. She really does want to make other people happy, but she can't help her fascination with bloodshed.

Above all, Namiko just wants to be accepted by her friends and peers. She's sick of everyone always saying, "Aw, Namiko's so cute and childish." While she really is like that, she wishes that someone would treat her like what she is, a 14-year-old Chuunin, rather than a little sister or an academy student. Because of this drive, she wants to join ANBU, so that people will regard her as someone to be feared, admired, or respected.


  • Bunnies, especially her pet one, Usagi-hime
  • Candy, cookies, cake, and other sugary junk
  • Running
  • People who take her seriously
  • Getting piggybacks or shoulder-rides

  • Red meat
  • People who treat her like a kid
  • Being alone
  • Alligators
  • Being harmed (she's very afraid of this)

History: Namiko was born and raised in the violent Kirigakure, and has witnessed far too many acts of murder as a child. Her mother even taught her how to kill someone when she was merely 7, should she be attacked. Of course, she had a little too much fun with this, and attempted to murder an innocent villager at the age of 10. Rather than wait around to see if she would be killed, she and her family fled to Konohagakure and lived there. Though she tries to restrain herself, she finds murder to be very fun, and will likely attempt this should you "set her off".

Ninja ID

Village: Konohagakure

Rank: Chuunin (I know that you're supposed to start as a student, but the header said that several ranks need to be filled, and if she's a student, her past and abilities won't work...)

Element: Water

Nindo: "Put a smile on everyone's face." It's a rather odd nindo for her to have, considering her obsession with assassination.

Skills: Genjutsu, Ninjutsu

Skills Points: 120 points

Genjutsu: 60 points
Ninjutsu: 60 points

Equipment: Plenty of kunai (for slicing, not throwing), shuriken, a couple of paper bombs.

Fighting Styles: Namiko specializes in assassination, water ninjutsu and genjutsu - rather than fighting head-to-head, which she quite frankly sucks at, she will torture the opponent's mind, shoot them with water from afar, or simply kill them and be on her merry way.


Mizu Bunshin no Jutsu - Water Clone Technique
Type: C-rank, Ninjutsu, Water release
The Water Clone Technique is similar to the Shadow Clone Technique except it creates clones out of water. Like other solid clone techniques, the clones can be used to perform tasks the user is unable or unwilling to do for themselves. The range of the clone is limited however, as it can not travel very far from the original body. Additionally, water clones only have one-tenth of the original person's power. Like other clone techniques, if the water clones are injured enough they will revert back to normal water.

Magen: Jubaku Satsu - Demon Illusion: Tree Binding Death
Type: B-rank, Genjutsu
With this jutsu, the user can make themselves disappear, allowing them to approach their target unnoticed. Once completed, a tree and roots will grow at the target's feet and restrict their movements. Once the opponent believes that they are captured, the user can then appear above their opponent from the tree's trunk and kill the target.

Suiton: Takitsubo no Jutsu - Water Release: Waterfall Basin Technique
Type: C-rank, Ninjutsu, Water release
This jutsu will summon a large amount of water from the ground to form a wave to drench the area.

Kirigakure no Jutsu - Hidden Mist Technique
Type: D-rank, Ninjutsu, Water release
This jutsu envelops the surrounding area in a dense mist, reducing visibility within the affected area. The density can be controlled by the user, allowing them to create a mist so thick that even they can't see through it.

Suiton: Suiryuudan no Jutsu - Water Release: Water Dragon Bullet Technique
Type: B-rank, Ninjutsu, Water release
Water Release: Water Dragon Bullet Technique is a giant, powerful dragon created out of water. This jutsu needs 42 hand seals. Another drawback to the technique is that it requires the user to be near a large body of water to complete the technique.

Mizu no Tatsumaki - Tornado of Water
Type: Unknown rank, Ninjutsu, Water release
A technique that utilizes water to create a spinning water vortex around the ninja. The water acts both as a barrier and attack mechanism. The power of the vortex is enough to knock an opponent unconscious.

Suirou no Jutsu - Water Prison Technique
Type: C-rank, Ninjutsu, Water release
This jutsu is used to trap a victim inside a virtually inescapable sphere of water. The only downside to this technique is that the user must keep at least one arm inside the sphere at all times in order for the victim to remain imprisoned. Clones can be used in place of the actual person, provided that the clone is the one that performed the technique. This jutsu can't be performed without a sufficiently large body of water to supply the water for it.

Kuchiyose no Jutsu - Summoning Technique
Type: C-rank, Ninjutsu
Namiko has made a contract with a large Pelican, who she has nicknamed Peri-taichou (Captain Peli). His real name is unknown. He is able to use the Water Release: Bullet Technique, but is mostly used to quickly transport Namiko from place to place. She rarely uses him unless it's an emergency, due to her fear of feeling pain. He requires a larger amount of blood than normal, so Namiko is forced to bite her hand rather than her thumb. He is an adolescent summon.

Magen: Touei no Kashaku - Demonic Illusion: Reflection of Torture (custom Jutsu)
Type: C-rank, Genjutsu, Water release
This technique can only be used when there is enough water on the ground for both the user and the opponent to see their reflections. The user disappears, but their reflection remains, and then can then proceed to attack their reflection and cause the victim pain. The downside to this technique is that the victim need only find a way to eliminate their reflection, such as stepping away from the water, and they will be safe. This technique cannot be used in pitch-black darkness, because you cannot have a reflection. It does not work on mirrors.

Silent Homicide Technique
Type: General skill
While it's not a jutsu, per se, it's certainly a technique. As the name suggests, this technique is simply a very quiet method of killing an opponent, usually from behind with a blade. Additionally, because the user is very silent, it cannot be defended against. The user will often slit their opponent's throat, preventing any cry that might give them away.

Magen: Narakumi no Jutsu - Demonic Illusion: Hell Viewing Technique
Type: D-rank, Genjutsu
This jutsu causes the target to see a horrifying vision. First, an imaginary circle of leaves will spin around and envelop the target, falling away shortly after. After a short period, the illusion will begin. This is to make the illusion more convincing, since the user will likely have moved before the illusion sets in.

Magen: Jigoku Kouka no Jutsu - Demonic Illusion: Descending Hell Technique
Type: Unknown rank, Genjutsu
This jutsu causes the illusion of a tremendous ball of fire falling from the sky into a designated area. Anyone in the area will instinctively flee.

Magen: Kokoni Arazu no Jutsu - Demonic Illusion: False Surroundings Technique
Type: C-rank, Genjutsu
This jutsu changes the appearance of a nearby object or area in order to disorient the opponent.

Magen: Nijuu Kokoni Arazu no Jutsu - Demon Illusion: Double False Surroundings Technique
Type: Unknown rank, Genjutsu
This jutsu places another illusion on top of a previous illusion created by the user. If and when the target dispels the first illusion, they will not realize that a second is in place.

Henge no Jutsu - Transformation Technique
Type: E-rank, Ninjutsu
This jutsu allows the user to assume the appearance of another person, animal, or object.

Clan Information


Misc. Information

RP sample: (A battle between Namiko and a random shinobi.)

Namiko gingerly picked up the bloody kunai from the ground.

"Got you," she smiled.

Her opponent made an uneasy face, narrowing his red eyes. "Got me? How have you got me?"

"You're in my jutsu!" Namiko grinned. She then slowly began to disappear, becoming one with the least, that was what it looked like. In reality, she was just standing there boredly, holding her hands together in the Dragon seal.

Inside her genjutsu, her opponent darted his head around, but was unable to find out where she was.

"Down here."

He looked downwards to find that the small, lithe girl was now no more than a reflection. He grinned pompously. "And how are you going to defeat me now?"

Namiko robotically walked over to him, and, still with a cute smile on her face, raised her arm and began to stab his reflection in the gut, giggling all the while. He noticed that no matter how much she injured him, his body remained untouched...yet he felt immense pain.

After a few minutes of him begging her to stop, Namiko sighed, frustrated. He wasn't as fun as her last opponent. She had much more interesting reactions to her Genjutsu. Pouting, she released the technique and walked over to the unfamiliar shinobi, who was now kneeled over and clutching his midsection.

Namiko stood behind him and quickly raised her knife to his throat. "What is your name?" She inquired, a curious tone to her voice.

"K-Kimura...Jun Kimura..." He gulped.

"Oh, okay," Namiko said sweetly. "Then, Jun Kimura-san...I'm sorry." She slashed the kunai across his neck, killing him swiftly.

Namiko nudged the body with her foot a few times to ensure that he was dead, then picked up her walkie-talkie and mashed the communication button.

"Target eliminated!" She cheered.

How did you find us?: My friend The Doom Flower referred me here.

Nicknames: You can just call me MC. Namiko's friends often call her Nami-chan, even though she dislikes it.

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Re: Namiko Umibe

Post by Dr.Strange on Sat Jul 04, 2009 10:22 am


Welcome to Konohagakure and TSL.


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Re: Namiko Umibe

Post by Mew Cookie on Sat Jul 04, 2009 12:07 pm

Yay! ^__^ Do I have to re-post the topic in Approved Chuunin, or do I need another admin's approval?

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Re: Namiko Umibe

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