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Juumoko done.

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Juumoko done.

Post by Dr.Strange on Fri Jul 03, 2009 12:09 pm

name: Juumoko - All Eyes
type: Supplementary
looks: The lens change colour.
special abilities: The Juumoko has a special ability that allows the user to see in different ways and see over vast distances. There are 5 different fuctions.

Eagle Eye - Allows the user to see over great distances and it puts a little strain on the eyes. (Yellow)

Cats Eye - Allows the user to see in the dark. (Green)

Fire Eye - Allows the user to see heat signatures through solid walls (Red)

Bat Eye - Allows the user to see things through sound waves as they bounce of walls and hit objects. (Blue)

Bullseye - Allows the user to count projectiles an lock on to multiple or single targets. (Purple)

origin: Juumoko was created by Demizo for his missions. The Juumoko was made so that Demizo could have almost 100% Accuracy, with his bow.


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