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Calling all TSL Members and Potential New Members. Konoha is once again opened and Ranks and different Roles needs to filled. So be sure to use this opportunity to have some Fun! I would also like to ask everyone in the RP to please post so that we can move things along thank you.

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 The Storyline

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PostSubject: The Storyline   Tue Jun 30, 2009 7:30 pm

Its been years since the Reatisho Incident, 10 years to be exact. Shikataru Nara and Raiden Uchiha were presumed dead as were the rest of the Reatisho. Shikataru Nara escaped prison and his execution and exchanged spots with his Cousin Hiroko Nara. Shikataru then went on alone and began to accumalate a very very large sum of Money and grow his forces, he created treaties with the Lower Shinobi Nations and gained Poltical Power. His hold on the Nations began to grow he then continued his criminal expepades.

Eventually he formed the Conquistadors and began to recruit ninja from different lands and their kekki genkai. He then proceeded to kidnap Genin and mould them and made them join him. He then using his new force invaded and conquered a unnamed Nation and made it his kIngdom and his own personal nation. Shikataru was becoming more powerful each day and he was untouchable and non of the nations that weren't on his side knew nothing about him. To them he was still dead.


The Seers

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The Storyline
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