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Calling all TSL Members and Potential New Members. Konoha is once again opened and Ranks and different Roles needs to filled. So be sure to use this opportunity to have some Fun! I would also like to ask everyone in the RP to please post so that we can move things along thank you.

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PostSubject: shukketsushi   Tue Jun 30, 2009 9:09 am

looks:Its A Scythe . It has a Staff of 2 meters long . At Each Side 2 sides He has 3 Blades Of 1 meter . The Whole Blade Is Made of Black metal.
special abilities: Its Has Some Deadly Sickness with it . Joord always Carries 2 Sytches cause he almost never uses Shukketsushi . Cause when He hits Someone with it the persons Strength Degreases fast . Joord uses This Only when he is in trouble Or realy wants to kill someone . If the person Finds a way to escape then his power will return in 5 hours .
origin: Joord was On a Mission Fighting bandits . It seemed There Leader Had Shukketsushi before Joord. When Joord and His Group attacked the bandits There Group Leader Came Out Already and attacked his 2 team mates . It went Kind Of Fast the Could almost dodge it . They Got Hit a bit and then they didn't knew his ability yet . There Power Degreased and Joord was standing Alone against him . There was a Heavy fight. There Scythes Kept Clashing and Joord Needed to keep dodging, or It would be over. On that Moment The Leader thought He Got Him and Joords demon Eyes Ability came Out . Joord Dodge the Move By Side stepping and Then Grabed a Kunai and holded it at his throat. Joord then became cold and Sliced His throat. The Bandits Feared Joord and Ran Away . Joord then Took shukketsushi and Left Together with His partners.
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