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Learning a New Element

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Learning a New Element

Post by Aruku on Wed Jun 24, 2009 5:38 pm

Aruku sat up on a tree in the Training Field, watching all the other Genin and Chuunins practicing and learning new skills with their Sensais. Seeing all this made him kinda of sad and left out. " I'm probably about the only kid in all of the Hidden Rock Village that doesn't have a Sensai," he said, putting his head down in a way that most people do when their sad. After thinking for awhile, he then cheered up a little. " You know! This might actually be good for me! I can do whatever I want without a Jounin telling me what to do, and learn whatever I want when I want to learn it! And training without a Sensai may help me out better when it's time to pick a Chuunin," A little more happy than before, he jumped out of the tree and began some more Training.

" First, I better learn what chakra element I have. I mean, I know I have the Earth element like most people in my family and the Crystal element for my Kekkei Genkai, but I needed to know my second element. My dad has Earth and Water, mom has Earth and Lightning, even Aros has two elements. Earth and Fire. Time to find out what mine is!" Out of his pouch, Aruku took out some cards out of his pouch. When he put it in his hand, the card cut in half. " Awesome! Now I know I can manipulate wind and cut stuff! Time to start some training."

Aruku took some leaves off a tree. He put one in his hands and put all the other leaves on a big stone. " First, I need to learn how to cut stuff, like leaves." Aruku put the leaf in and tried to focus his chakra into his palm and cut the leaf use his Wind nature. Instead of the leaf being cut though, the it was crumbled and turned into dust. " Damn! I focused my Earth nature instead of my Wind nature. I have to try harder to focus my Wind nature." He took another one of the leaves he picked off of the stone and tried again to focus his chakra into the leaf. Once again, instead of being sliced, the leaf was crumbled and turned into dust. Taking another leaf, Aruku tried again to slice the leaf. Just like the other two times Aruku tried to slice the leaf, the leaf instead was crumbled and turned into dust.

" I have to try and focus harder. I've been using the Earth element so long that all I can focus my chakra on is Earth. I better make sure that I actually do have two chakra elements." He took two more cards out of his pouch and put one in one hand and the other in the other hand. One was crumbled and turned to dust, while the other was sliced in half. " I guess the cards really don't lie. I'll try this again." Aruku put another leaf in his hand, but once again the leaf was crumbled and turned to dust instead of being sliced. Getting a little frusterated, he grabbed all the remaining leaves in one hand and try to slice them all at once. But like all the other times, the leaves were turned into dust. " I probably have to increase my spiritual chakra and try and focus on my Wind nature more. I'll try mediatating and see if that works." After wiping all the dust off of his hands, Aruku sat on the ground, formed the hand seal that is used for most Wind jutsus. and began to meditate.

Chakra started to formed form around Aruku as he focused his mind on only his Wind nature. He was so focused that in his mind, he saw himself performing some of the hardest Wind element jutsus. In fact, he saw himself as a Jounin doing the Wind Element version of the Rasengan. " Okay," Aruku said after he was done mediatating, " Time to try this again!" Aruku picked some more leaves off of the same try and tried to slice it again. Focusing all his chakra to his palm and to the leaf, but the leaf crumbled and turned into dust instead of being sliced. " Hehe, I just love seeing the leaf being crumbled like that. But really, I'll try it for real this time," Grabbing another leaf, Aruku focused his chakra and sliced the leaf in half. Making sure that this wasn't just luck and that he actually did this, Aruku grabbed another leaf and did the same thing. Again, the leaf was sliced in half. Trying to see if it would work this time, Aruku grabbed and handful of leaves and once again sliced them all in half.

" This is actually pretty cool. But I should try something tougher than leaves." Using his Kunai Knife, Aruku cut some bark off of a tree. Putting the little tablets on a stone. He put on and his hand and tried to slice one in half. It took awhile for him to completely slice it, but he was able to do it. It also took a lot of chakra out of him. It had about enough left of try and slice two more bark pieces. He picked up another bark tablet and tried to slice it like the other one. He had more trouble due to the lack of chakra, and he was huffing and puffing more than he did with the other one, but he was able to slice it. " I think that's enough for today. I better rest my chakra for tommorrow."

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