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Beast Transformation OMEGA

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Beast Transformation OMEGA

Post by Seisoku Kedamono on Sun Jun 07, 2009 7:10 pm

Name: Beast Transformation OMEGA
Rank: S
Element: Fire
Skill: Kekkei Genkai
Chakra Points: 10 to activate/ 6 to keep active
Description: One of the most dangerous and difficult of the Kedamono clans transformations. It is so dangerous that the elders of the clan were thinking of banning the members from learning this jutsu. this caused an uproar among other Kedamono clan members. They were fighting for their right to learn this powerful transformation. The clan elders feared a civil war would break among the Kedamono clan so they lifted the ban of the jutsu, but with a limit. Only those who proved themselves can be able to learn this jutsu, they would have to be a high leveled Jounin. The reason why they were thinking about banning this powerful transformation is because or its destructive power. The control of the beast in this transformation is 99/100% Meaning that the person transformed has control over 1% of their humanity. This is extremely dangerous, not to the person transformed, but for their allies. While in this form and in battle they will rely on their beast instincts mainly, attacking everything that moves until the battle is over or they transform into a lower transformation. The form that they take in this transformation is so scary that it can actually scare a person to death. They grow up to 30 feet tall and get stronger and faster than ever they also grow wings. Their wingspan is incredible, being twice their size (60 feet). Also their senses are at their highest, so in this form they can "taste" people from up to about two miles away. Their whole body is covered in fire, meaning that if their body gets covered in water their true form will be exposed. Their true form is basically a black beast covered in protective scales that can protect them from small to medium power explosions, weapons such as senbon, kunai, shuriken, and even some swords. While covered in fire they can be protected from fire attacks of any rank, meaning to harm them with fire the person attacking them will have to extinguish their fire protection first. If extinguished the fire shield will grow back two post after it was extinguished. More of their features include: Flaming Spikes going down their back to their tail, a long tail that is strong enough to break stone, long and strong teeth and nails that are sharper than steel. Also they have a whip made of fire chakra that wrapd around their arm. If it gets extinguished they can make another one for four chakra points. The whip can stretch as far as the user wants it to and even moves like a snake. Also while in this form their fire jutsus will double in power.

Mastered: No

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Seisoku Kedamono

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